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Gran Fondo Texas
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Safety Zone

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Event Rules

  • Riders must obey all state and local traffic laws.
  • Riders must obey all Law Enforcement Personnel, Ride Officials, and Volunteers.
  • Every rider must wear a bicycle helmet that complies with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission Safety Standard.
  • Headphones, cell phones, ear buds, radios and similar audio devices used in, on or around the riders head or ears are NOT permitted while riding.
  • Report hazards to Rest Stop Leads, Ride Marshals, Motorcycle Marshal or SAG Drivers

Cycling Etiquette

  • Maintain your personal space; avoiding close proximity to other bikes.
  • Avoid sudden sideways movements while riding in a group; be predictable and always hold your line.
  • As you approach a rider to ride behind them, call out letting them know that you are there.
  • Look ahead and use your voice or hand signals to warn those around when debris, glass, gravel, etc., are located in the road and could possibly cause you or riders following you to go down. Consider pulling off the road and removing debris if possible.
  • Riders should ride single file as often as possible.  Many roadways don't have shoulders and anything more than single file will create a negative impression on the community and present safety risks to passing riders.

Ride Tips - Passing

Passing on a bicycle is a two-way process. As a general rule, the passer has primary responsibility for a safe pass; however, both the passer and the "passee" have a few simple responsibilities to make a pass safe and friendly.

The passer(s) should:

  • Call "Approaching rider" as you get close;
  • Slow a bit to allow buffer space; communicate "Rider up, slowing" to your group; groups must only pass as a single line.
  • Check the road behind to ensure no approaching vehicles, making sure there is enough room for everyone to safely pass;
  • Call "Passing on your left" after the other rider has acknowledged your presence, indicating number of riders in line if passing as a group;
  • Move left to allow adequate space as you come around and you smoothly accelerate to your previous speed to make the pass;
  • Allow plenty of room before pulling back in to the right so as to not cut off the passee(s).
  • If in a group, the last rider should indicate "Last rider".
  • Return to single file unless continuing to pass other riders.

The passe(s) should:

  • Be aware of approaching riders (scan behind and listen! NO headphones);
  • Consolidate to a single file to allow a safe pass;
  • Acknowledge calls to pass; saying "Thank You" is a GREAT way to do this!
  • Maintain a steady speed and hold a constant line. Don't suddenly slow down or speed up as you are being passed and don't swerve.

These safety tips and ride rules were gathered from the Bike MS Safety Zone website.

    About Gran Fondo Texas

    Gran Fondo Texas is a Recommended Ride in Montgomery, TX. We are an all volunteer organization with no paid staff.  Event net proceeds are given to Texas Medical Center Orchester, the National MS Society and the Montgomery County Foodbank. 




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    Montgomery ISD Athletic Complex
    22628 Texas 105 W, Montgomery, TX 77356

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